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A. Papers in International Conferences/Journals

1. Chand Suresh et. al. “Load Frequency Control of multiple Power Generating area-using PID.” Journal of Environmental Science, Computer Science and Engineering & Technology, March-May 2013, Vol-2, No.-2, 192-199.

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8. Singh Shiv Prakash et al,” Review Analysis of Sepic Converter, GJCAT, Vol-3, Issue-1, Dec 2011.

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11. Rafik Ahmad& Manish Tiwari,“Spectral Containment and Performance Comparison of Constant Envelope OFDM-PM and Standard OFDM” Conference titled “International Symposium on Computer Engineering & Technology (ISCET 2010)” organized by RIMT – Institute of Engineering & Technology MandiGobindgarh, Punjab held on March 19-20-2010.


B. National Conference/ Journal :

1. Shruti Pandey,” Energy Management using Solar and Fuel Cell Based Aplliances in Rural Area of India”, RAEPESM-2011, MMMEC Gorakhpur, 25-26 March 2011.

2. Nilesh Kumar, “ A Novel Approach for Microgrid Protection”, A National Conference on Future Perspective of Renewable Energy Sources, KIIT University Bhubneswar Odisha, 12 Dec 2009.

3. Rafik Ahmad & Manish Tiwari,“Performance Performance Analysis of Phase Modulated Constant Envelope OFDM- PM in AWGN Cnannel” Conference titled “National Conference on Advancement & Future Trends in VLSI Design & Embedded System” organized by Gayan Ganga Institute of Technology & Science, Jabalpur MP held on February 23-24, 2010.

4. Rafik Ahmad & Manish Tiwari, “OFDM PAPR Reduction Techniques for Wireless Applications: a survey” Conference titled “Inauguration of SIET Chapter & National Seminar on Mobile Communication & VLSI Design ” organized by Shambhunath Institute of Engineering and Technology (SIET), Allahabad, held on January 23, 2010.

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